Software by Leader Services


Leader Services designs software geared to meet the needs of special education. Its products are used by school districts, local education agencies, intermediate units and charter schools, as well as state-level education departments. A few of Leader's current software offerings are detailed below. Leader has other web-based products that support our Medicaid-reimbursement services in multiple states and we create other solutions to meet specific client needs (see our Case Studies section for more examples).

IEPWriter is the complete special education solution for Pennsylvania LEAs. Multiple professionals can contribute to an IEP and create invitation letters, notices of recommended educational placement (NOREP) and other documents. IEPWriter includes:

  • Regular and gifted IEP formats
  • Children Count® module for PennData reporting of IDEA data
  • Customizable goals and objectives library eases data entry
  • Rich-text editing
  • Section 504, PIMS modules, SIS, Star, and PMM
  • More info...
Children Count Children Count® ® handles data capture and reporting for annual IDEA/PennData needs, creating both reports and export files in appropriate layouts. It is available as a module for IEPWriter or standalone. More info...
IDEA Performance Monitoring

IDEA Performance Monitoring (formerly called Advanced Compliance Monitoring) is a comprehensive solution for states' special education compliance monitoring needs.

Federal Monitor

Federal Monitor, our solution for monitoring LEA compliance with federal grant requirements, is a web system that is easily customized to your state's needs. More info...


Custom application development Leader can provide custom application development to meet the specific needs of organizations of all sizes.