IEPWriter empowers your local education agency to create, track and generate students' IEPs, GIEPs, ERs/RRs, NOREPs, NORAs and more, rapidly and securely from any modern web browser. IEPWriter covers every step of the IEP process, from obtaining permission to progress reporting.

Use to fulfill your special education data management needs offers the following advantages:

  • Comprehensive data collection and analysis system.
  • Eliminates need to distribute complex client software across multiple platforms and environments; uses common web browsers on both Macintosh and Windows platforms.
  • Protects communications with secure 256-bit SSL encryption.
  • Districtwide and personal Goals and Objective libraries.
  • Documents generated in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) for easy printing and offline access.
  • Conforms to School Interoperability Framework® (SIF) specifications.
  • LEA-level text bank for consistent, reusable blocks of text
  • IU-level reporting
  • Gifted format included

Leader Services’ suite of products includes:

Children Count®: Extends and interfaces with our software to create/export the PIMS special education data templates for the annual IDEA Child Count reporting.

504 Module: Creates and tracks the 504 Service Agreements for Chapter 15 students.

Progress Monitoring: Our newest component to be added through our partnership with Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit #13.

  • Allows schools to collect and analyze data to determine student progress towards goal attainment.
  • Allows for comparison and analysis of students’ academic and behavioral process.
  • Allows staff to complete an Educational Benefits Review (EBR).
  • Provides the ability to display data in graph format and to have graphs be a part of the progress reports.
  • Can increase professional accountability and competence.
  • Can be used to review teacher effectiveness.

STaR: Allows service providers to enter and track time spent with students. It will also export Medicaid billing data for eligible students. Features include ability to easily access IEP goals so notes about progress can be maintained. It is flexible enough to accommodate variations in a weekly schedule and allow you to generate service logs and billing reports.

Find out how easy it is to create, manage and securely work with your LEA's special education data with Contact Leader Services today or visit for more information.