IDEA Performance Monitoring


Customized monitoring for state education agencies and their LEAs

Advanced Compliance MonitoringStates are facing budget and staff cutbacks, as well as increased responsibility for monitoring and accountability. Leader Services developed IDEA Performance Monitoring to help SEAs with these tasks; our statewide web-based application allows for self-assessment of LEAs. Agencies can answer questions, review data and upload corresponding documents to allow the SEA to perform desk reviews. This can greatly cut down on travel and staff time and allow state staff to concentrate on the districts most in need of technical assistance.

IDEA Performance Monitoring through Leader Services will:

  1. Collect both aggregated and disaggregated levels of information for State Performance Plan (SPP)/Annual Performance Reports (APR).
  2. Tie into other state data systems for longitudinal data reports.
  3. Provide easy and effective tracking of both individual corrective action and systemic corrective action for Local Education Agencies (LEAs) and SEA levels to satisfy OSEP Memo 09-02.
  4. Identify easily the most common issues to direct statewide technical assistance.
  5. Provide a user-friendly system which allows questions and items to be changed by the SEA staff without complex programming.
  6. Produce stakeholder-friendly, readable reports.

With Leader Services' web-based systems, the SEA can easily develop State Performance Plans and Annual Performance Reports that include baseline data, measurable and rigorous targets and improvement activities for indicators. This type of support will be even more critical with OSEP’s new State Systemic Improvement Plan (Indicator 17) requirements and Focus on Results driven accountability.

The Leader Services team, composed of skilled educators and technology experts, attends all OSEP Conferences and trainings. They pride themselves on staying current with all relevant state and federal guidelines, regulations, and statutes. They are ready to quickly adjust systems to your needs. Additionally, Leader can provide real time data reports, both standardized and ad hoc, such as requests from leadership, legislators, political offices, advocates and federal agencies, with minimal effort on your part.

Leader Services provides excellent data systems and support in a cost effective manner which ultimately saves the SEA both staff time and financial resources.