Federal Monitoring


Easier federal compliance monitoring
for state education agencies and their LEAs

Federal Monitor is a compliance monitoring system that allows states to monitor districts’ grants and Title dollars received and to confirm that they are adhering to the specifics of the grants and federal regulations. It is a web-based system with a self-assessment module that allows districts to do their own assessment of where they stand, prior to the state performing the monitoring.

Some of the features of the monitoring system include:

  • All questions are stored in the database, which means states have the ability to add, change and delete questions for the monitoring instrument without any programming changes. This process includes a roll-over for each school year. Documents are maintained for each school year.
  • The state can choose to have specific sections of the monitoring due at different times throughout the school year.
  • Federal Monitor has an “Outlook-style” calendar which will show users when they will have sections due for the monitoring.
  • The system allows for document uploads from the schools. Documents are associated with each monitoring instrument. There is a global document repository where the state can view all documents from the school or filter by document type.
  • Monitorings can be done via a desk audit or onsite monitoring process. This process uses the document repository.
  • The state has the ability to create a cover letter to send to schools after the monitoring process.
  • The user rights of View Only, Entry or Submit can be assigned on a per-document basis.
  • The program retains a history of generated documents from each monitoring.
  • The system contains a full CAP (Corrective Action Plan) process between the State and School District.
  • The system has a Planning Tool which can be used for applying for grant or Title dollars.

Leader’s Federal Monitoring system is currently used by Missouri, Kansas, and Pennsylvania. As with all of our monitoring systems, we can customize the system for a state’s specific needs.