Children Count


The Children Count® module extends IEPWriter to include data capture and reporting for annual IDEA and PennData needs, creating both reports and export files. In addition to the more than 30 standard reports, agencies can create customized reports for their unique needs.

This web-based solution means there is no need for maintaining additional servers and client software at your school. Simply log on using any modern web browser and you are ready to work. Children Count is available in both school district and IU versions.

With Children Count, your LEA can:

  • Capture disciplinary events data.
  • Produce verification reports, as well as reports for IDEA, Penn Data and more.
  • Create IU-level reports.
  • Create the required PIMS Special Education Templates.
  • Control user-level access/security.
  • Easily utilize IEPWriter's student and staff information.

When used together, Children Count shares database resources with IEPWriter. This allows LEAs to streamline data entry and eliminates the need for duplicate data entry processes. Administrators can manage district, building and staff information with ease. Customizable user-defined fields allow administrators to set up Children Count to meet the specific needs of their district.

PIMS Special Education Data Template Export: Create files in the export format for the Pennsylvania Information Management System (PIMS).

SIFChildren Count conforms to School Interoperability Framework (SIF) specifications.

Find out how easy it is to create, manage, and securely work with your LEA's special education data with Children Count and Contact Leader Services today to arrange a demonstration.