Medi-Cal Administrative Activities (MAA)

CATS MAA Time Study web applicationIn 1995, the MAA program was developed in California to provide a method of federal reimbursement for health related administrative activities currently performed by school districts for children from newborn to 21 years old who are "at risk." Payment is based on the cost of providing eligible health related outreach activities. The categories generally include:

  • Outreach/Public Awareness and Information
  • Facilitating Medi-Cal Applications
  • Referral, Coordination, and Monitoring of Medi-Cal Services
  • Transportation-related Activities Supporting Medi-Cal Services
  • Translation related to Medi-Cal Services
  • Program Planning, Development, and Coordination related to Medi-Cal Services

Quarterly, MAA claims for federal reimbursement of activities are submitted based on a week-long time-survey. MAA claims are based on four factors: a time study (personnel time allocated to outreach activities); the Medi-Cal eligibility rate of the district's entire student population; the Federal Financial Participation (FFP) rate; and an analysis of the school's financial records. Schools can receive reimbursement of approximately 50%.

Leader Services facilitates three quarterly time studies used to calculate reimbursements for schools (one of the 4 quarters will be averaged and can be any quarter the district chooses, as long as they participate in 3 other quarters). Leader conducts trainings for participating staff (including training materials) and provides necessary time study forms and/or a web application (CATS) for recording the actual time study. Leader then provides data capture instruments to administrative staff for gathering necessary fiscal information, processing this data in conjunction with the time study results to generate claim documents for the LEA.

Because of the importance of complete and accurate audit files, Leader staff will work with Claiming Units to meet the DHCS requirements and conduct comprehensive reviews of Claiming Units' audit files as part of our services.

To find out more about California's Medi-Cal Administrative Claiming program, contact Leader's CA offices at (800) 872-0454 or use our contact page.