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We plan to disable the use of TLS version 1.0 (Transport Layer Security), effective 4/1/2021. TLS is a security protocol designed to facilitate privacy and data security for communications over the internet. We have been maintaining version 1.0 to accommodate users and allow for backward compatibility with older computer systems. 

A review of our logs indicates that a portion of our users sustain Windows XP and Windows 7 Operating Systems (OS). These OS have been phased out by Microsoft. In an effort to maintain the highest level of security and protection, Leader recommends the following:

  • If you are currently an XP user, you must upgrade to a newer OS.
    *By default, any newer OS supports current versions of TLS.
  • If you are currently a Windows 7 user, you must either
    • Upgrade to a newer OS.
    • Click the below link to follow instructions which enable default use of the latest TLS protocols. *Windows 7 does not support the latest version of TLS by default. You must configure these settings.


If you are a deprecated OS user, please follow the provided update guidelines prior to the effective date so we can continue providing you with the highest standard of data encryption, authentication, and integrity.

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