OSPI Medicaid Accounting

2018-2019 Safety Net Update:

OSPI has indicated that this year, if a student is Medicaid eligible and receiving billable services, districts should use the new 'Medicaid ReimCalc' form to calculate the deduction associated with the student’s application.

The Medicaid Reimbursement Calculator is now available!

The form is posted to the OSPI website see link below:


There is not a specific bulletin for this form, just the general Safety Net Bulletin, see links below:

Safety Net Original Bulletin: http://www.k12.wa.us/BulletinsMemos/Bulletins2018/B101-18.pdf

Safety Net Addendum: http://www.k12.wa.us/BulletinsMemos/bulletins2018/B101-18Addendum.pdf

The 'Medicaid ReimCalc' form was not originally released when the Safety Net Bulletin was published because OSPI was waiting to hear back from the American Medical Association on whether they could use the copyrighted CPT codes.

Please note: the revised Safety Net rules do have some new language about Medicaid:

From WAC 392-140-60120:
Beginning in 2019-2020, applicants must either submit verification of Medicaid billing for each high need student application, if applicable, or receive a deduction calculated by office of the superintendent of public instruction as a percentage of the billing rates published by the health care authority to compensate for the local education agency's decision not to pursue Medicaid reimbursement.