We’ve devoted more than 27 of our 50+ years to customized monitoring and accountability special education systems. Over time, our work on specialized contracts has built a strong reputation as well as long-term client relationships.


Whether your organization is a school district, local education agency, intermediate unit, charter school, or state-level education department, our goal is to give you a client owned solution. Throughout all of our years, we’ve encountered many scenarios and we’re prepared to meet your special education needs. Our job is to create easy, custom user experiences that seamlessly connect with your critical back-end systems.


Custom systems at a glance.


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Special Education Monitoring

What it is: Web-based monitoring for LEAs, Charter Schools, PRRIs, and Correctional Facilities

What it does: Allows states to review LEA implementation of Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) regulations as well as state regulations (Chapter 14 and Chapter 16)

Includes: Self-assessment module, onsite or desktop monitoring, individual, and system corrective action plans; Desktop monitoring component allows districts to upload evidence through the system

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Federal Programs Monitoring

What it is: Web-based monitoring of districts on Title programs and federal grants

What it does: Assists states to ensure LEAs are adhering to Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) regulations

Includes: Self-assessment module, onsite monitoring, Corrective Action Plan (CAP) creation, and tracking

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Restraint Reporting

What it is: Web-based data collection for LEA restraint usage on students

What it does: Allows LEAs to report all restraint usage by district or area; PDE views and creates reports for legislature; Ties into special education monitoring

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AEDY System

What it is: Online registration application for entities to register their Alternative Education for Disruptive Youth (AEDY) programs, including staff information and course hour breakdown

What it does: Allows LEAs to register students into an AEDY program (direct tie-in to PIMS student data)

Includes: Monitoring system for state monitoring of AEDY entities, including performance of a self-assessment; State can create corrective action plans

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Contingency Funds

What it is: Online web application for LEAs and Charter Schools to apply for contingency funds for extraordinary special education program expenses (additional funding for high-cost students)

What it does: Allows organizations to upload IEP and other documentation to support their requests; Bureau of Special Education (BSE) manages all requests and distributes funds

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What it is: Online system created to connect the medical, rehabilitation, and education sectors with families, following student Acquired Brain Injury (ABI)

What it does: Tracks referrals, events, and treatments for children with brain injuries

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Complaint Management System

What it is: Online data collection system that captures information about complaints filed with BSE

What it does: Follows up on any Corrective Action required as a result of the investigation; helps with Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) reporting for State Performance Plans (SPP) and Annual Performance Reports (APR)

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What it is: Web-based system for reporting of special education students that are homebound or receiving home-based instruction

What it does: Tracks students in these environments and creates follow-up inquiries for students that will return to a school setting

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Deaf/Blind Census System

What it is: Web-based system for reporting of annual deaf/blind census data required by OSEP

What it does: Collects data for all children birth through 21 who are deaf/blind or at risk for deafness/blindess that are receiving services as of December 1st

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Indicator 14 Surveys

What it is: Post-school outcomes data collection system for federal reporting to OSEP on APR/SPP

What it does: Allows LEAs to survey students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) who have left (graduate, dropout, or age out), and check their status after leaving school

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What it is: Entity and staff information management system for PDE and PaTTAN

What it does: Allows PDE and PaTTAN to track which entities and staff have taken part in PaTTAN-delivered education, including pre-class knowledge and post course assessment

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What it is: Information management system for PDE's Path to Graduation

What it does: Tracks and reports on data to assist districts with dropout prevention and increase graduation rates


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What it is: Customized system for the Missouri Department of Elementary & Secondary Education (DESE), Improvement Monitoring, Accountability and Compliance System (IMACS)

What it does: Special education Part B & Part C program state monitoring

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What it is: Web-based Tiered Monitoring System (TMS)

What it does: Provides oversight of Title programs, fiscal monitoring, and other grant processes; Integrates with IMACS to measure all critical data and produce a report of overall district health

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What it is: Online professional development and Virtual Learning Platform (VLP) for Missouri DESE

What it does: Provides evidence-based training and collaboration space for teachers and administrators

Includes: Courses, pre/post assessments, handouts, worksheets, bookmarking, and reference materials

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Surrogate System

What it is: Online Educational Surrogate/Surrogate Parent location system

What it does: Allows districts to view a map displaying available surrogates within boundaries and locate for students in need

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What it is: Online system for the input of educational trainer and consultant logs

What it does: Allows state regions to define educator improvement initiatives, allocate consultant resources to initiatives/school districts, and collect consultant time

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Compliance Plans

What it is: Web-based LEA pre-qualification process prior to application for specific state or federal grants

What it does: Allows state administrators to survey LEAs in various areas for determining their grants qualifications; Integrates with the MO grant management system

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Neglected & Delinquent System

What it is: Web-based data collection of Title I disadvantaged student information

What it does: Monitors public and private facilities that care for abandoned or neglected children to assure compliance with rules and regulations for Title I Part D data submission to Missouri DESE


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What it is: Web-based special education and federal programs comprehensive monitoring system, Kansas Integrated Accountability System (KIAS)

What it does: Tracks and reports fiscal, IDEA, and Title program monitoring data

Includes: Modules to track discipline, restraint & seclusion, and alternate assessment usage

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What it is: Web-based grant application system, Kansas Grants Management System (KGMS)

What it does: Assists LEAs with data entry, document upload, budgeting, and submission to apply for IDEA-VI-B, deaf/blind, and Targeted Improvement Plan funding from the State

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What it is: Web-based reporting system, Kansas Grants Reporting System (KGRS)

What it does: Assists LEAs with data collection and submission to Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE) for Maintenance of Effort (MoE) and Private School Participation

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