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Service Tracking and Reporting

STaR™ Online data capture software for school-based Medi-Cal reimbursements claims processing and account reconciliation.

All-Inclusive Data Management

Developed for California health-related service providers, STaR™ allows users to easily document student IEP, IFSP, & IHSP services information, including assessment data, direct services, and special transportation, through the LEA Medi-Cal Billing Option Program (LEA BOP). Let us help you navigate the ever-changing regulations and challenges your LEA faces to tailor a solution.

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Optimize the log process for providers and physicians with the convenience of e-sign. Virtually connect your tools and sign any time, from any device.

The STaR application shown on desktop and tablet devices
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Details About the Drive

The STaR application shown on desktop and tablet devices

Interface with Google Maps™ to assist transportation billing & mileage reimbursement

Report the date, origin, destination, and mileage (odometer reading)

Easily connect to other district applications for convenient data upload or transportation reporting

Simple Medi-Cal Billing

  • Ensure accuracy with real time validation at the point of capture
  • Versatile self-service reporting allows export of live data
  • Dedicated account manager, per district for streamlined communication
  • True forecast of LEA reimbursements, for realistic goals and plans to recapture funds
  • Monitor participation and identify areas of missed billing while reducing valuable time
  • Bill only reimbursable CPT codes

Increase Productivity

  • Automated e-mail notifications for status changes
  • Coordinators can send instant notifications to teams
  • Capture all interaction time spent by service providers
  • Track parental consent, provider licensing, IEP dates, etc.
  • Create provider productivity reports

Save Time & Govern Data

  • Intuitive schedule and list views for providers
  • Access previous sessions for easy progress notes review
  • Simple group management
  • Ability to attach documents/pictures of notes
  • Accelerate billing data input with rapid entry options (individual or batch) for providers

Medi-Cal Administrative Activities

Leader is your trusted partner, providing services throughout each step of MAA program requirements. Facilitate full participation with ongoing consultation & support, designed to identify areas of reimbursement.

Upfront Pricing

Flat fees based on claim type and no hidden costs.

Experienced Guidance

Leader provides the necessary services, for your effective administration of the Random Moment Time Study (RMTS).

  • Analyze longitudinal data to identify trends
  • Identification of Medi-Cal Administrative Activities providers/activities
  • Calculation of the client’s Medi-Cal percentage
  • Storage of data required for claims support
  • Collection of fiscal data to prepare SMAA invoice + supporting documentation
  • Process invoices for reimbursement

Transformative Training

Leader performs onsite training and support on DHCS audit requirements for the SMAA program and procedures for submitting MAA fiscal information. We'll share best practices to implement and maintain an optimized, audit-ready program. We mentor and empower you to reach full billing potential.

  • RMTS crossover training
  • Fiscal training for client staff
  • Toll-free Help Desk customer support

Full Audit Support

We dot every I and cross each T. We review RMTS coding reports for accuracy and provide verification for the LEC/LGA. Ongoing audit files are created and support is provided during LEC and state audits.

  • Submission of invoices for reimbursement
  • Client assistance to review RMTS results
  • Help with preparation and maintenance of audit file

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